Bad Dobbys Pet Store

Great news! Dobby now has a store of his own. He asked mom to build him a store so he could make sure all the puppies and kitties in the world could have the great treats he enjoys. They are all quality treats with limited or single ingredients. And they are sourced in the United States. We also carry toys, collars, leashes and other supplies. We have stuff for dogs, cats, lizards, hamsters and other pets. Come check out the store and see what you can find for your friends.


I want to introduce myself. My name is Jeanette and I am the creator of this little web page. I am teaching myself how to design a website with the help of WordPress. This would go a lot better if I had something to say. The commercials talk about how easy it is to design a website but they are assuming you have a plan. I do not. I have sat here thinking about what to do with this site.

I listen to Pod Casts a lot and think that would be cool to do. I am not fond of my voice and do not like myself on video or in pictures. I guess I could write my thoughts down but don’t have anyone to “discuss” topics with. I am not much of a blogger or have good writing skills. I am good with tech though. HAHAHA.

I guess I could blog about something that has been bothering for the last few months. I am not a “supporter” of Donal Trump. I am not saying I am against him either. Still in between. He is the man the country voted into office. For that reason alone, we as a country need to support him. You may not like a president and there has been lots of presidents I did not like, but he is the chosen president. It is wrong for the country, especially the politicians Democrats and Republicans, to put him down so publicly and try to find bad things that are going on with him. Even if he is doing something wrong, he is not the only president to do bad things. I think we have an obligation to protect our president no matter who he is. What you are showing other countries is we are a country divided and weak. Making us a prime target for attach.